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Frequently Asked Questions

What data is available?

Data includes half-hourly Electricity Generation, Carbon Intensity & Demand for Great Britain:

  • Data from the Live dashboard: latest (real-time) & recent figures (today / two-day / 24h / 48h)
  • Historical dashboard data: back to 2009, with options to select specific date ranges and data intervals
  • Forecast data for the day ahead
  • Generation data (breakdown by mix & type), including embedded wind and solar figures & imports breakdown
  • Carbon Intensity with Index (high, low etc for GB, National & Regional), CO2 emissions & source breakdown
  • Demand data with actual net and gross figures (allowing for embedded data) & exports breakdown
  • Data available as REST API JSON data or CSV download
What can I use the API for?

The data has a wide range of potential uses including:

  • Creating your own visualisations for electricity use and carbon intensity, on websites and other applications, to increase sustainability engagement with your users
  • As part of load and consumption shifting strategies, so that electricity is consumed during times when carbon intensity is forecast to be low
  • Sustainability tools and strategies to support a path to net zero
  • Within apps and devices used for smart home, smart building and charging technologies
What is an API?
  • • An API (Application Programming Interface) is a piece of technology which allows two different systems to talk to each other. In this case, the data used on this website has been made available to other users via a computer-friendly format called JSON, which is a data format other systems or applications can easliy utilise.
  • • The data is available through 'endpoints' which are specific URLs which accept requests and send back defined responses e.g. https://api.energydashboard.co.uk/generation/today
  • • In addition the data is also available via a manual CSV download which can be viewed in a spreadsheet program e.g. MS Excel.
  • • An API key is required to access the data and this is provided once a subscription has been started.
Is there any API documentation?

An API documentation site will be coming soon. In the meantime, information on authentication, data responses and query parameters is available by clicking on a subscription option, and then clicking on a specific endpoint.

Can I trial the data before subscribing?

Yes, when you subscribe to one of the options you will get 14 days free access in which to explore and test the data. You will be asked to provide payment details up-front but no payment will be taken until the free access period has expired, and you can cancel at any time.