API Data Access

The API (application programming interface) developed for this website will soon be available to third party or commercial users, enabling the data to be accessed directly for other applications and services, via a subscription.

The data has a wide range of potential uses including:

  • • Carbon emissions accounting and analytics e.g. to track historical organisational electricity emissions & footprints
  • • Creating your own visualisations for electricity use and carbon intensity, on websites and other applications, to increase sustainability engagement with your users
  • • As part of load and consumption shifting strategies, so that electricity is consumed during times when carbon intensity is forecast to be low
  • • Sustainability tools and strategies to support a path to net zero
  • • Within apps and devices used for smart home, smart building and charging technologies

Access will include the following data, via JSON (computer friendly data format) or CSV download.

  • • Live or current GB electricity generation (included embedded solar and wind), GB demand and carbon intensity and emissions data at 30 minute intervals
  • • Searchable historical GB generation and carbon data going back to 2009 (30 minute intervals)
  • • Forecast GB generation and demand data for 14 days ahead (included embedded solar and wind)
  • • Forecast carbon intensity data for 48hrs ahead
  • • Mapping data for operational UK electricity generation sites including geolocation data

If this is of interest please use the enquiry form to get in contact.